Welcome to BritishRomanticism!

This Wiki was researched and produced by members of Mr. Bariexca's Spring 2007 Honors Major British Writers class at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ. Its aim is to provide a humanities-based overview of the British Romantic era (ca. 1789-1824).

Project History

This project came to be as I sought an alternative to PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint is great, but I was looking for a way to engage my students on a deeper level. Even the flashiest, most "bell-and-whistly" slide presentation is likely to be deleted or archived on a student's computer immediately after presentation, its purpose served in the span of 10-15 minutes of a class period.

In the spirit of service learning, I wanted my Honors English students to not only research and present information, but to create a document that can be used as a resource by other students, both here at Hunterdon Central and at other sites.

As all educators know, we learn best when we teach. With this project, students not only fulfill the roles of researchers, organizers, and learners, but also as teachers: to each other, to the students who access this site, and to the teachers who use this as a sample upon which to base their own projects.

Finally, credit where credit is due: this project was modeled largely on Dan McDowell's AP World History Review project.

Our Task

  • Conduct research on the Romantic period in Britain (ca. 1789 - 1824) in one of three areas: poetry, visual art, and music.
  • Collaboratively compose a 500-700 word article on one of the three areas above.
  • Conduct a detailed critical analysis of two works of the time period - deconstruct them to explain what makes them Romantic pieces.
  • Provide complete documentation for all sources

Further Information for Educators

Contact Me

If you have questions about anything on this site, or are interested in conducting a long-distance collaborative project with me and my English students, please email me at dbariexc@hcrhs.k12.nj.us. Also, for an example of how teachers can use wikis in a more administrative capacity, please see my main website.